The charges against Yang Hyunsuk besides suppressing B.I’s investigation

Yang Hyun-suk, the former YG Entertainment producer and current YG’s largest shareholder, denied allegations of suppressing the investigation into B.I.

The charges against Yang Hyunsuk besides suppressing B.I's investigation

B.I was prosecuted this May after the accusation that he bought marijuana and LSD through A in 2016. Although he denied the drug allegations immediately, he admitted some of the allegations in a police investigation. He finally issued an official apology through his current agency, IOK.

In addition, Yang Hyunsuk is accused of incitement to escape (to inciting C to take A to the U.S. to prevent A from making further statements about B.I). C, who is suspected of making A leave for the U.S., has escaped abroad and became defendant 3 of the case.

However, Yang completely denied allegations of suppressing through his legal representative.

With Yang Hyunsuk denying the charges, attention focuses on what B.I. will say at the first hearing. The first hearing on B.I’s alleged violation of the law on drug management will be held in the 25-3 Criminal Agreement Division of the Seoul Central District Court on August 27.

The charges against Yang Hyunsuk besides suppressing B.I's investigation

Meanwhile, Yang Hyunsuk resigned as YG’s CEO due to repeated controversy, along with Seungri (real name Lee Seung Hyun), a former member of Big Bang.

Yang Hyunsuk has also been involved in several charges of prostitution, but in the end, he was acquitted.

In July 2019, Yang Hyunsuk was once indicted for providing sex services to a group of Malaysian financiers at a luxury restaurant in Seoul in 2014. The prosecution concluded in November 2019 that there were neither reliable statements nor physical evidence to support the prostitution charges.

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