BTS Jimin’s unwashed ‘hanbok’ suit up for auction – became a global topic

The hanbok worn by BTS Jimin was exhibited at the auction of Hanbok representing the beauty of Korea and BTS. This became a hot global topic.

Jimin‘s stage costume was exhibited at the online auction of Myart Auction, which specializes in antique artworks.

Jimin wore the hanbok on the stage of ‘IDOL’, that was pre-recorded at Geunjeongjeon Hall of Gyeongbok Palace last year. This is the work of designer Kim Rieul.

At the time, the overwhelming dance choreography and vocals, along with the charisma of the stage, caught the attention from the audience around the world.

The auction also became a fever with the fact that only the world famous top stars are available at this auction.  

Jimin’s solo hanbok auction is also drawing more attention to the fact that “it was sold without being washed”. More than 20 foreign and domestic media published the auction feverish article at once.

Jimin has already received a valuable award for his Korean fan dance performance at the 2018 Melon Awards. The Kim Baek Bong Korean Fan Dance Conservation Society, which is an Intangible Cultural Property No.3, has presented Jimin with a plaque of appreciation for his epic Korean fan dance.

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