This 44-year-old actor made an outstanding return with long hair and enviable acting skills

This famous Korean actor in the 2000s recently returned in the 2nd part of a famous franchise. 

Broadcasting station tvN recently released the 2nd season of mystery drama “Missing: The Other Side”, 2 years after season 1. In this season, actor Go Soo still assumes the role of male lead Kim Wook, though this time, with a completely different image after 2 years of no new project. 

Go Soo

In the 1st season, Kim Wook was a handsome conman and excellent smooth-talker, who used his looks and sugary words to swindle. However, after some mishaps, he arrived at Duon Village, and encountered various mysteries. Here, Kim Wook realized that the village is the residence of dead people whose bodies were never found, and ended up helping these ghosts discover the truth behind their deaths. 

Go Soo
Go Soo
Go Soo in Season 1 of “Missing: The Other Side” 

Compared to the first season, where Go Soo looked polished, the actor took on a more ragged and masculine appearance with tanned skin and long hair in season 2. Nevertheless, his role hasn’t changed from season 1, and he still assists the dead by solving mysteries.

Go Soo
The surprising appearance of Go Soo in “Missing: The Other Side” Season 2 

The new appearance of Go Soo is considered a pleasant surprise by the audience. It seems that at the age of 44, the actor still looks as dashing as ever. 

Born in 1978, Go Soo started acting at the age of 20, and was considered the “dream first love” of many women at the time. With visuals as astounding as statues, harmonious facial features, a high nose bridge, and expressive eyes, the actor was extremely popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, to the point his hairstyle went viral among young people. He was also compared to Kang Dong Won in terms of appearance, and when the two appeared together, fans describe it as a “visual feast”.  

Go Soo
Go Soo in his youth 

Go Soo is making less appearances in K-dramas and movies nowadays, but his repertoire is filled with iconic works such as “Piano”, “Green Rose”, “Will It Snow for Christmas?”, “White Night”, “The Front Line”, and many more. 

Source: k14

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