Korean netizens criticized foreign stars who made money in Korea but talked behind their back

Due to Ryan Reynolds’s controversial remark recently, Korean netizens are bringing up foreign stars who showed rude attitudes toward Korea. 

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds caused controversy as he expressed his feelings after appearing on Korean program “King of Mask Singer”, saying “It was terrible as if I was in hell”.

On November 7th (local time), Ryan Reynolds appeared on the U.S talk show “Today Show” to promote his new film and mentioned his appearance on “King of Mask Singer”, saying “I don’t know why I agreed to do it. It was terrible”, adding “I got a trauma thanks to that experience. I felt like I was in real hell”.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds visited Korea to promote the movie “Deadpool 2” in 2018 and appeared on “King of Mask Singer”. At that time, he sang the musical “Annie” OST “Tomorrow”.

On “King of Mask Singer”, he said, “It was very interesting”, expressing his feelings about appearing on the program. In 2019, the actor visited Korea again and even left the comment, “I’m sad that I won’t be able to appear on ‘King of Mask Singer’ this time”. 

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds’s recent remark may be an exaggerated joke about the moment he sang in front of Korean audiences at that time, but Korean fans were still in great shock.

Earlier, Hollywood actress Meg Ryan also sparked controversy as she shot an advertisement in Korea but went back to the U.S and talked behind the back of Korean people. Meg Rya, who was once very famous in Korea for her performances in the movies “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally…”, filmed a $500,000 shampoo CF in 1997.

When Harry Met Sally

However, in the same year, she appeared in another advertisement in the U.S. and said, “I filmed a CF in an Eastern country, not in India. The English name of the shampoo I advertised was not grammatically correct”, adding “They made me wear nun’s clothes and kept telling me to smell the shampoo. I couldn’t understand why I had to do that”. Korean netizens criticized Meg Ryan’s remarks for disparaging Korea. 

Korean fans turned their backs on the actress and her next films couldn’t do well in Korea.

Matthew Harley instagram

The band named “The 1975” made Korean fans rage because of their rude behavior during their 2019 concert in Korea. At that time, vocalist Matty Healy took a photo of him stepping on a Korean flag given by fans as a gift and posted it on Instagram. Korean fans demanded the singer’s apology, saying “You’re looking down on Korea”.

In response, Matty Healy said, “This is my flag”, declaring a war of nerves with fans. He also deleted the photo after swearing on his account, “Don’t annoy me”.

Later, the singer posted on his Instagram a photo taken at Incheon International Airport along with the caption, “Thank you Korea”. He left Korea and ignored fans’ requests for an apology. 

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