There are serious mixed reactions to a drama scene where the character chose to become a naturalized Russian citizen

A scene from “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” became controversial among netizens.

Twenty five twenty one-Kim Tae-ri-Bona

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One“, which aired on March 27th, Ko Yu-rim (played by Bona) was depicted as a naturalized Russian citizen.

Ko Yu-rim‘s father had a car accident, and Ko Yu-rim chose to naturalize in Russia to pay off her family’s debts at once. Knowing this, Baek Yi-jin (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) exclusively reported on the sudden naturalization of fencing gold medalist Ko Yu-rim.

Twenty five twenty one-Bona

Ko Yu-rim was accused of being a traitor. Ko Yu-rim was also rejected at the restaurant she visited. The owner said, “I don’t sell food to traitors who sell their country for money. What’s the difference between changing one’s nationality or selling one’s country for money?”

Ko Yu-rim replied, “It’s different. If I sold something, I sold myself. Just as you make money by selling Jjajangmyeon, I make money by selling my skills. You couldn’t say that I sold my country just because I changed my nationality. I’m not a traitor, I’m a customer.”

Twenty five twenty one-Bona

Netizens reacted differently to this scene. Some netizens responded that they could not understand, such as “Russia in the current situation?”, “The drama is too strange” and “What’s wrong with the content?”

On the other hand, other netizens showed reactions such as “There is no problem in the story, but it seems to be reminiscent of someone”, “I watched the drama and it’s not a scene to be bad mouthed this much” and “I think Koreans are sensitive to naturalization.”

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