The webtoon-based OTT drama “Money Game” starring Ryu Jun-yeol, IU and Park Jung-min to begin filming in May

The new drama “Money Game”, which boasts a spectacular casting lineup, is set to begin its filming this May.

Ryu Junyeol

It is reported on April 1st that the filming of the OTT series “Money Game” would begin in May. This is a new 8-episode drama adapted from the combination of 2 webtoons “Pie Game” and “Money Game” by Bae Jin-soo.

It tells about the cooperation and conflict between 8 people when participating in a game in which they are isolated from the outside world and put in extreme situations. The game ends when a person dies.

IU 010422

Actors Ryu Jun-yeol, IU, Park Jung-min, Park Hae-joon, and Bae Sung-woo were the first people to confirm their appearances in this drama. Later, Moon Jung-hee, Lee Yeol-eum, and Lee Joo-young joined the team, completing the final lineup of 8 members.

Director Han Jae-rim, who was behind the success of “Emergency Declaration”, “The King” and “The Face Reader”, will be in charge of writing the script and directing.

Park Jungmin

Studio N, which is the leading company in the imaging business after working on several Naver webtoons, such as “Sweet Home”, Our Beloved Summer”, and “Yumi’s Cells”, and “Magnum Nine”, which created “Emergency Declaration” and “The King”, will work together for the production.

Many people are raising high expectations for “Money Game”, a drama that consists of 8 characters, 8 levels and 8 episodes.

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