8 ‘Queens of Beauty! 2022.ver’ selected by COSMOPOLITAN

COSMOPOLITAN recently named 8 K-pop singers on the list of 2022 Beauty Queens.

To describe 2022, it’s not exaggerated to say “Women did it all!”. Many beauties became ambassadors for various global brands, and lots of their fashions were trending, making people want to follow. 

The rising rookie girl group NewJeans debuted in the K-pop industry and brought back the hip style from the 1990s! Unlike other idols, who show up on broadcasts with splendid makeup, the girls gave a fresh vibe by showing their natural appearances. Their long straight hair even became a trademark that helped the girls join the ranking of next-generation beauty queens.

newjeans hyein

Huh Yun Jin of LE SSERAFIM, who also made her debut this year, recently aroused keen interest with her “goddess” visual! After dying her hair blonde for the comeback promotion, the female idol also decorated herself with colorful makeup and eye-catching lip colors. Her lively look not only made it more fun to watch LE SSERAFIM’s performances but also stimulated fans’ desire to try a new makeup style.

le sserafim huh yunjin thumbnail

Were there only princess-like beauties? No! Jeon So Yeon of (G)I-DLE flaunted her unique charm by presenting a charismatic look through “TOMBOY”. ITZY Chaeryeong also revealed her solid body and healthy image during the recent promotion.

(G)I-DLE Soyeon

Lastly, we cannot leave out the legendary “beauty icons”! BLACKPINK Jennie & Jisoo, IVE Jang Won Young and aespa Karina are the “real queens” who attracted the most attention this year.

Jisoo Jennie blackpink seoul concert

Jennie’s orange hair and Jang Won Young’s tweety bangs became hot fashion trends this year, while Dior’s ambassador Jisoo caused a stir by making the new lipstick sold out. 

Jang Won-young thumbnail

Here is the “Queens of Beauty! 2022.ver” chosen by COSMOPOLITAN.

IVE Jang Won Young

(G)I-DLE Soyeon


NewJeans Hyein

NewJeans Danielle

aespa Karina




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