Taeyang (BIGBANG) officially released “VIBE” MV, featuring Jimin (BTS) 

Fans are gearing up for streaming. 

On January 13th, Taeyang (BIGBANG) officially released the first solo collaboration with Jimin (BTS), sending the fan community into a frenzy. Their new release “VIBE” conveys positive messages and catchy tunes through the performances of two famous idols, Taeyang and Jimin. 

TAEYANG – ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’ M/V 

For this comeback, Taeyang and The Black Label switches to R&B and tuning down the electronic elements for “VIBE” focus on Taeyang’s and Jimin’s special vocal textures with complementing accompaniment. Especially, the vocalist of BTS adds a personal flair that makes fans swoon more. The MV takes a minimalistic approach to give as much spotlight as possible on Taeyang and Jimin. 

taeyang vibe
Taeyang shows off his abs
jimin vibe
Jimin’s glowing visuals 

Taeyang expresses his charming and attractive side in an abs-revealing scene whereas Jimin boasts a gentle style  teased in the teaser. Their dance collaboration portion is synchronious and eye-catching. Despite the generational gap, the duo seem perfect for this each other. 

Taeyang Jimin
The synchronious collaboration of two top Korean idols 

Talking of his collaboration with Jimin, Taeyang shared on “Rolling Stone” that it was Teddy suggested working with a BTS member as their schedules at the time were sparse: “About two years ago, though, Teddy at THEBLACKLABEL was watching me work — that was at a time when the BTS members weren’t doing many solo activities — and Teddy mentioned in passing that he thought people would really enjoy it if I got together with Jimin to collaborate on a great song. That really stuck with me and I thought it was a great idea, so I always had it in mind.

Taeyang Jimin thumbnail

And then last summer, I had the opportunity to meet with the members of BTS at various private gatherings and events. Through that, we naturally had meals together, and I met Jimin as well. The conversation came up very organically, like, ‘There’s some music we’ve put together, do you have interest in working together?’ and he said he would really love to. After that, he came to our studio, we played the music for him, and he really liked it.”

Taeyang Jimin
“VIBE” is Taeyang’s first released song with The Black Label 

As BIGBANG and BTS are working hand in hand for this project, their fandoms are also joining together to boost the viewing numbers. Fans are extremely excited about this “ historic” collaboration that contains good music, compelling dance routine and amazing synchronization between Taeyang and Jimin. 

Taeyang Jimin

Netizens’ reactions: 

  • Park Jimin gave “VIBE” a mysterious and alluring feel; R&B is also suited for his voice 
  • Teayang’s opening makes me feel nostalgic of the “Ringa Linga” era 
  • Jimin and Taeyang are good together. Their dance moves are very captivating 

Source: k14

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