Bibi’s 18+ MV for new single “Animal Farm” under controversy for being repulsive 

Bibi’s “Animal Farm” MV has sparked a controversy. 

The MV for Bibi’s latest single “Animal Farm” released on September 27th is gruesome, sad and intense. Among the recent K-pop MVs packed with dance performances, there is no MV that contains such hardcore action scenes like Bibi’s. 

Although there are viewers who enjoyed Bibi’s “Animal Farm” 18+ MV, it has also caused controversy for being “repulsive” and “inappropriate”. 

The MV begins with Bibi holding an apple in her mouth in the middle of a long table and her hands clasped behind her back. She is surrounded by masked men. Bibi carries a long sword dripping with blood and a pistol soaked in blood, and plays an electric guitar in the background of flames swaying with blood all over her body. 

Mixed reactions also arose that some scenes in the MV where men were decapitated with knives seemed to express male hatred.

Director Kwon Oh Joon was in charge of the screenplay and directing for “Animal Farm” MV, but the entire concept was created by Bibi herself. 

Bibi said through her agency Feelgood Music on September 28th, “I just think the MV would be good to entertain. I hope you can view it as a new fun together with the music. I ask you to thoroughly appreciate the lyrics as well.”

Meanwhile, Bibi recently sparked concern for having a emotional breakdown during one of her Instagram live broadcasts, where she said she wish she didn’t become a singer.

Source: newsis

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