The truth about Winter and NCT Jaehyun’s “shopping bag dating rumors” has been revealed 

aespa Winter and NCT’s Jaehyun were engulfed in dating rumors because of a shopping bag

Recently, rumors of love affairs in the entertainment industry are endlessly popping up, from BIGBANG G-Dragon and IVE Jang Won-young, to Ciipher Won and Kep1er Kim Da-yeon were caught up in the pink dating rumors.

The exact truth have not been revealed, but the netizens have not been able to take a look of doubt as plausible circumstances have been detected.

Meanwhile, on October 16th, in various online communities, speculations that aespa Winter and NCT Jaehyun are in a relationship have become a hot topic.

This speculation broke out when Jaehyun visited the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York on October 14th.

According to eyewitness accounts, Jaehyun enjoyed shopping after viewing artworks, and Jaehyun’s manager was holding a blue “MOMA” shopping bag.

Jaehyun also drew more attention when he uploaded a photo of his visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York through his Instagram account.

On the 15th, Winter was also spotted holding a blue “MOMA” shopping bag at the airport as she departed from New York to Los Angeles.

winter jaehyun

This resulted in some starting to doubt the relationship between the two, saying, “I think Jaehyun bought Winter a souvenir.”

As dating rumors spread all over the place, a Winter fan who couldn’t stand it revealed the truth. In particular, this fan released a photo of the “MOMA” shopping bag in question, along with the caption, “I gave it to you” on their Twitter account. 

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I feel really sorry for the idols”, “Leave them alone”, and “Stop forcing them together again”.

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