The tragedy might come to the best boy bands having members who might receive a military call-up.

What makes fans suffer the most is that they can only observe everything without any power to change anything.

June 8th may be the worst day that shocked the fandoms of K-pop boy bands. The reason is that the new Military Law was passed and as a result, there were 40 male idols put in the list of the ones who must join the military if they receive military call-up.

What matters here is that joining the military is not something new to fans, but they could not guess that it could come so suddenly. Moreover, those idols still have many plans they want to do together. But now, their brothers in their bands have to stop all the things to serve their beloved nation. This will cause them unwanted tragedy.

Let’s have a look on those guesses below about what might happen if the best boy bands have a member (or all of the members) receiving the call-up. However, you need to remember this is just the scripts built based on hypothesis and the celebrities’ schedules. This is for you to read without taking too seriously.


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3 out of 4 the members of this boy band are Onew, Key and Minho are now in the ages of recieving military call-up. In fact, this is one of the boy bands facing the most regret once the members join the military. After Jonghuyn had passed away last year, SHINee tried to be strong and came back again with one concert in Japan and many concerts in Korea. Fans believe that their pain has been relieved and they can spend time in military to balance their stress from the life of famous celebrities. Taemin (1993) still can keep on going as a solo singer to fill the vacancies that other SHINee members leave.


It is surprising because there are 5 out of 9 members in EXO are ready for the call-up. If SM Entertainment decides to let all of those 5 members join the military, then the “frozen time” of EXO will reduce. At the same time Lay can keep on his promotion in China, D.O ,Kai and Sehun can focus on being good actors. On the other hand, if SM Entertainment chooses to let them join the military in separate times, then it will take quite long time for them to appear again with all the members. SM might choose the second decision because EXO is still one of the main money makers for their company. Even some of the members cannot stay, the other ones still work on the behalf of the whole group.

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At the moment, EXO-L is waiting for the next comeback concert of EXO. This maybe the last time they appear with the highest numbers of the members in the next 4 or 5 years.


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[No one can deny the success of Winner, except for Mnet!]

The advantage and disadvantage of WINNER are the same, since there are only 4 members in the group. Having less members means that the chance that they can come back all together will be higher, but the years of birth are 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. This is the reason making the time they have to join military is unpredictable. The group just raised their name in K-biz recently, so if all of them have to join the military at the same time then they probably have to restart again when they come back in the future. On the other hand, if they join the military at separate times then there will be some important roles missed in the group because every member has one main role in the group, such as vocal, main dancer, main rapper, etc.
This problem will cause YG Entertainment a headache to find a solution.


2PM is the boy group model that other boy band should follow. After receiving success from promoting the image of 2PM, all the members tried to expand their ability in different fields based on their own talents in singing and acting. Their advantage is that they have appeared for so long in K-biz, so they still “have a good run” even some members have to spend time in the military.


Among the boy bands listed in this list (except Wanna One because they are now still a project band), BTS has the biggest age difference among the members. The oldest member is Jin (1992) is 5 years older than the youngest member – Jungkook (1997). It means the time it takes to bring all of the members together again will be much more than other boy groups if they won’t join the military at the same time.

The truth is, 99% the chance of BTS join military all together at once will not happen because they are now on the top of their glory. If they choose to join military at once, it means they choose to burn all the effort they have been investing.
After receiving the military call-up, Jin will have to stop all the plans with BTS to go. Suga, RM and J-hope will be the next ones.
It is not extreme to say BTS’s fame now is the two-sided knife for their fandom – A.R.M.Y. They have to do many plans to maintain their name, but there will be one day they will have to appear without some members. Since Jin starts to join military, it will be at least 6 to 7 years to the 7 brothers to attend the stage together.

Wanna One

Many fans have been worried because the time for Jisung to work in Wanna One is limited, but the call-up can come anytime. However, because the band is just a “project band”, there might be the high chance that he can discuss to do his duty after finishing all the plans as scheduled.
As we guess, the Military Law will be valid in this August and only after 4 months later, Wanna One will disband. In these 4 months, it is not too much to expect that Jisung won’t be force to join the military.

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In the worst situation, Jisung will have to say goodbye to Wanna One so early. This will absolutely make fans cry and there will be a bad reaction from their Korean fan community (even the law is supreme). Wannable has the right to keep the faith even in this sensitive moment.

Those scripts in this list are what might happen to the best boy bands at the moment. How about your favourite one? What do you predict that might happen to them after the new Military Law is valid?

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