The top 5 sexiest dancing machine of K-Pop

Jimin, Kai, Kang Daniel, Seulgi and Lee Chaeyeon are called the top 5 dancing machine of K-Pop by netizens thanks to their skilled moves.

1. Jimin (BTS): Jimin was the valedictorian of Busan High School of Arts, contemporary dance major. After passing Big Hit’s audition round, he moved to study at Korea High School of Arts together with V who is another member of BTS.


The reasons above explain why Jimin has such a impressive skill in choreography, not just among the BTS members but also K-Pop as a whole which is known as a strict environment where trainees have to be highly skilled in dancing before their debut.


Jimin is known as the master of the stage thanks to his facial expression and his graceful, sentimental moves. According to many sources, he doesn’t simply follow the choreographer’s instruction. Jimin chooses to learn and expresses those moves to fans in his own way. This is why Jimin always shines on stage.

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2. Kai (EXO): Thanks to his early meeting with ballet, Kai impresses the audience with his soulful and graceful moves. He was seen by the professionals as one of the best dancers among idols. He also proves his choreography base by making his own choreo.


Not just through high-level moves, he is said to be able to control the power of each move which means he can dance powerfully while delivering the deepest emotions to the audience.


This is why Kai’s solo dance performances are what everyone expected the most at EXO’s concert and year-end music festivals.

3. Kang Daniel (WANNA ONE): Kang Daniel’s “national center” nickname is not just a random name. Aside from his dancing skill, he has the ability to pull the attention with his eyes, his expression and aura. Perfect body proportion, impressive height is what added to Kang Daniel’s stage performances.


Daniel always focuses on every detail of the choreography and that’s why his moves are complimented as clean and sharp. Thanks to this, Daniel always got the attention wherever his position on stage is.


Kang Daniel’s dance fancams always received a huge number of views.


4. Seulgi (Red Velvet): Seulgi is known as the main dancer and the lead vocal of Red Velvet. She is the member who can deliver their choreographies’ message in the best way due to her perfect dancing skill. Seulgi is the icon of the new generation’s girlcrush image.

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Different from Irene’s goddess look, Seulgi is a perfect harmony of a strong stage presence and a lovely off-stage characteristics. Seulgi has the ability to transform even the most normal dance into a sexy and eye-catching one thanks to her chic aura and impressive body proportion.

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Even though her beauty is not usually complimented, the female idol is always highly appreciated with her aura and attractiveness. These are what have become Seulgi’s trademark in fans’ eyes.

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5. Lee Chaeyeon (IZONE): The main dancer of IZONE conquers the audience with a series of strong, flexible moves and her sharp aura. Her performances sometimes make people forget that she has just debuted 3 months ago.


Chaeyeon is not an unfamiliar name to K-Pop fans after many survival shows. After each competition, the audience can clearly sees her improvement and impressive dance talent.

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With what this young girl has shown will her non-stop effort, fans are hoping that she would be able to inherit the previous generations of talented dancing machines of the idol world.

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