Viewer died of heart attack while watching “Avatar 2”, “Cause of death presumed to be cardiac arrhythmias due to over-excitement”

An Indian viewer died from a heart stroke in cinema amid the screening of “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

According to a number of media outlets, including the British daily newspaper Metro, on December 21st (KST), A went to watch “Avatar: The Way of the Water (Avatar 2)” at a cinema in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India and suddenly collapsed in the middle of the screening.

A, who had a medical history of high blood pressure, was taken to a nearby hospital after receiving emergency treatment at the scene, but eventually died.

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Foreign media reported that the cause of death was presumed to be cardiac arrhythmias due to over-excitement. 

Medical staff said, “Seems like A suffered persistent inflammation in his blood vessels post-Covid 19”, adding “An increase in blood pressure due to over-excitement can cause a rupture of the heart artery, which can lead to a sudden heart stroke. This often occurs during thrilling sports events or while watching movies”.

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Meanwhile, a man in his 40s also died of cardiac arrest while watching “Avatar” in Taiwan in 2010. 

Source: Nate

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