The surprising cast of Itaewon Class’s Japanese version: The female lead is so beautiful, the male lead has a lot more experience than Park Seo Joon!

Japan is about to remake the Korean drama Itaewon Class.

After the resounding success despite the controversy in 2020, Itaewon Class will now be remade in Japan. No longer Park Seo Joon or Kim Da Mi, recently the Japanese crew is said to have found the right actors to recreate life and love in the busiest street on the screen.

Itaewon Class
Itaewon Class will soon have a Japanese version 

Specifically, according to Naver, the Japanese version of Itaewon Class has almost decided on the main cast and will soon start filming in 2022. Playing the male lead Park Sae Ro Yi instead of Park Seo Joon in the Japanese version will be the cult star Matsuda Shota. Shota is famous through many super products such as Liar Game, Boys Over Flower 2005, etc. In terms of acting experience, Matsuda Shota can confidently surpass Park Seo Joon, his new role as a complicated character is extremely anticipated by viewers.

Besides the male lead, two key female characters of Itaewon Class’s Japanese version have also been determined. Instead of Kim Da Mi as “crazy womanJo Yi Seo is the beauty Yamamoto Maika, while Kwon Nara‘s role of Oh Soo Ah will be played by Nagasawa Masami.

Most netizens are quite surprised with this cast of Itaewon Class Japanese version. The reason is because before that, the male lead was rumored to be performed by Takeuchi Ryoma, while the female lead called Gen Z female idol Hirate Yurina‘s name.

Netizens’ comments:

– Can you not overly “buff” the female lead and the loveline of the male lead – the supporting female like in the original version, please?

– The acting quality is not doubtful, just waiting for the script.

– The Korean script in the later half is quite bad, I hope the Japanese version will fix that.

Currently, there is no information about the filming and broadcasting schedule of Itaewon Class in Japan. In addition, the main setting of this drama has not been determined yet.

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