Nana renewed her contract for the third time with Pledis Entertainment

Actress Nana continues her loyalty with her current agency Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis Entertainment announced on Dec 8th, “Nana has renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment. We will continue our partnership based on the deep trust we have built for a long time since her debut.” Nana debuted as a member of girl group After School in 2009. She has been active under her current agency for 12 years. She turned into an actress in 2016 and has accumulated a solid filmography since then.

Nana agency

The agency shared, “We will fully support Nana so that she can continue her wide range of activities. We hope that Nana’s fans continue to send her your warm support and interest in the future.”

Meanwhile, Nana will appear in Netflix’s new series “Glitch”. It is a story about UFO community members approaching the reality of a mysterious secret. “Glitch” is scheduled to be released next year.

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