“The situation is very serious”… Lee Jun-ho delivered dark news on August 24th

Singer-actor Lee Jun-ho delivered dark news.

Lee Jun-ho heralded strong measures against malicious comments and rumors. On August 24th, JYP Entertainment made an official statement and announced this fact.

The agency said, “We previously announced strong legal actions against the spread of false facts and rumors about our artist as well as other malicious comments. However, it has been confirmed that the spread of false facts and rumors about our artist continues to seriously damage the artist’s image, honor and character, and that more serious rumors are continuing recently.”

JYP added, “As a result of thorough monitoring of such actions and careful review of reports from fans, we fully recognized the seriousness and filed a complaint based on evidence collected for a long time, including deleted posts. We are also discussing strong countermeasures through multiple law firms.”

The agency foretold strong responses, “We would like to remind you that we will take all legally available measures against the original author and distributors of false information and rumors related to our artist, and that there is no leniency in any case as always.”

Lee Jun Ho

Finally, JYP warned, “There are frequent cases of excessive contact or obstruction of movement when our artist enters and departs for domestic and overseas schedules. Please cooperate so that it does not happen again. We inform in advance that if you continue to threaten the safety of the artist, corresponding measures will be inevitable.”

Source: Wikitree

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