The shocking popular Kpop groups which have worked without a salary for a long time

These K-pop groups had to go through a period of hard work to get their first paycheck from the company.

Most people often think that: An idol will be rich. However, in the Kpop world, many groups have worked unpaid for several years because they have not been able to return the investment costs to the management company. Let’s see how long these groups have to work with no salary for.

F.T.ISLAND – 5 years

As a famous band, few people expect F.T.ISLAND to spend a period of 5 years working hard but not being paid. Although F.T.ISLAND is a group that made FNC Entertainment‘s success, it took 5 years for the new group to get a salary. This made the fans think that the company was treating the group quite unfairly. Even Lee Hong Ki voiced his dissatisfaction with FNC.

income 1
F.T.ISLAND took 5 years to start earning income from the company.
income 2
Contributing a big part to the success of the company yet getting a fairly late salary, many fans of F.T.ISLAND at that time were extremely angry.

EXID – 3 years

EXID experienced a very hard time when the group debuted in a less successful company – Banana Culture. The group could not become popular until the famous fancam of Hani caused a storm with “Up & Down“, helping the group have a place in the K-pop industry. Since then, EXID has just started having the first salary from the company.

Hani’s legendary “Up & Down” fancam saved EXID’s career
income 3
EXID takes 3 years to get income from the company

AOA – 3 years

“The descendant of F.T.ISLANDAOA also has just received the first few salaries even though the group had quite outstanding activities, especially the goddess Seohyun. After 3 years, AOA has officially received a paycheck from FNC when it refunded the amount of money the company invested in the group.

income 4 1024x690 1
As a girl group with a stable place in the current Kpop music industry, before, AOA has experienced 3 years of unpaid work.

GFriend – 2 years

Debuted under a not so prominent company like Source Music, GFriend has made great efforts in its operation to prove itself and is well known. The group particularly impressed the audience with the hit “Me Gusta Tu” and “Rough“. Gfriend‘s career has also begun to succeed. After only 2 years, the group earned income from their company.

“Rough” – one of the hits that help G-Friend become successful
income 5
GFriend only takes 2 years to get the first paycheck

DIA – not yet determined

In an interview in 2018, DIA said that it had not received any income after 3 years of operation and still had to depend on parents. However, the group did not take it as pressure but still tried their best through each comeback season so that it could soon succeed.

income 6
Over 3 years of operation, DIA has not yet received the salary from the company

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