The reason why SEVENTEEN is called ‘KPOP Performance Representative’ and their performance video always make headlines 

SEVENTEEN has proved themselves as the role model for many idols.


The 13-member boy group was given the name “self-producing idols” by netizens because they participate in all stages of their songs’ production, including songwriting, composing, and creating choreography.

In particular, SEVENTEEN takes advantage of having many members; they easily create outstanding and unique performances.

What attracts the audiences’ attention to SEVENTEEN’s performance is the unity of 13 members in their choreography video. Their sharp, powerful, and intense dance moves, spectacular stage organization of the group’s formation, and their perfect teamwork are combined to create many eye-catching performances.


Choreography videos that contain storytelling performances 

SEVENTEEN’s choreography videos attract great attention from the audiences because they often reveal the member’s charisma through their facial expressions and the details of their dance moves. You can only found these interesting things in their choreography videos, not their MV.

The performance video that currently has the highest view if the one of “VERY NICE”, the title song of SEVENTEEN’s repackage album “Love&Letter”. It is recorded that this video has exceeded 25 million views.

From the beginning to the end of this video, the members appear with bright and playful concepts. They dance freely to the song and give off a cute and refreshing feeling, and that’s why SEVENTEEN received explosive responses from fans around the world when the video was released.


The 2nd dance video to be mentioned is the video of “Clap”, the title song for SEVENTEEN’s 2nd full album. It is said that SEVENTEEN members produced the choreography themselves. They added some special funny gestures that would make the audiences laugh while watching. The song begins with the dance showing them clapping; after that, they continue to perform dynamic and synchronized group dances that thrill the viewers.

Choreography videos that contain special choreography and joyfulness

Apart from the basic choreography video, various versions have been made on every special occasion. This has become a tradition to SEVENTEEN fans that they would wait to watch some special dance versions whenever the group makes their comeback. For instance, there are Part Switch Ver., Santa Ver., Home Night Ver., which has the members dance in pajamas, and also Confession Day Ver.

In these special videos, SEVENTEEN often added some funny details that didn’t appear in their previous basic dance video by singing freely while playing with each other. Therefore, this has become the killing point that helps SEVENTEEN receive enthusiastic responses from global fans.

Not only did SEVENTEEN open the new era of “self-producing idols”, but the group has also become the Representative of ‘KPOP Performance’. With their comeback planned to take place in mid-October, SEVENTEEN is expected to return with more high-quality music and performances. Fans are waiting to see what kinds of special performances that SEVENTEEN will bring.


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