This famous actress is a “real golden spoon”, but she never shows off about it

Actress Lee Min-jung revealed her cool charm by interacting with fans through comments.

Lee Min-jung

On the afternoon of January 17th, Lee Min-jung posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “Even if I want to go outside and take pictures…”

A fan commented, saying, “Please ask your husband to take a photo of you. I want to see your full-body shot, unnie”. Lee Min-jung then replied, “My husband went to Jeju Island for his filming…”, boasting her easy-going charm with a cool answer.

Lee Min-jung

Another fan wrote, “Noona, I got accepted to Yonsei University”. Lee Min-jung drew attention with her answer, saying, “Ohh, congratulations! You have become my father’s university junior.”

Lee Min-jung

Lee Min-jung’s maternal grandfather is the late painter Park No-soo, one of the 1st generation painters in Korea. Her aunts are known to be really popular in the domestic art world. The actress’s paternal grandfather is also a former chief judge of the district court. Therefore, Lee Min-jung is well-known as an actress born in a “golden spoon” family.

Lee Min-jung

Actress Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun, and the two have been donating regularly.

Lee Min-jung Lee Byung-hun

Lee Min-jung and Lee Byung-hun donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Child Fund to support children’s families severely damaged by the forest fires in Gangwondo. In addition, the married couple also conducted a campaign to donate 80,000 sanitary napkins.

In July last year, Lee Byung-hun delivered 100 million won to the Children’s Hospital of Asan Medical Center on his birthday.


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