Jeon So-mi: “After the showcase, I cried so much out of regret”

Singer Jeon So-mi has confessed her tearful story after the solo debut showcase.

Jeon Somi: "After the showcase, I cried so much out of regret"

Singer Lee Hi and Jeon So-mi appeared as special guests on MBC FM4U’s “2PM Date with Ji Suk-jin” that aired on June 19th.

On the radio, host Ji Suk-jin told Jeon So-mi, “I heard that you cried a lot at the showcase venue. What is the reason?“. “I was so happy that I was finally making my debut,” Jeon said in an honest tone.

Jeon then added, “But after the showcase, I saw the music video at the company and cried even more, like a faucet. My head was filled with thoughts of regret and the hard times keep on replaying in my head.”

However, in the comment section, the netizens reacted quite harsh towards her:

  • “So why don’t you feel sorry for the journalists who had to come to your debut showcase which didn’t even have a debut performance?”
  • “Maybe it was her instinct trying to tell her that she won’t do well.”
  • “Be honest, you are regretting your choice of going to YG, aren’t you?”

Source: nate

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