Suzy unveils mysterious concept photos for her comeback with a new digital single release

Suzy will return as a singer for the first time after 4 years.

Management SOOP released concept photos of Suzy’s digital single “Satellite” on February 13th. Suzy in the released photos creates a dreamy yet mysterious atmosphere. Trapped alone in silence and darkness, appeared under the small light that shines, revealing a clear contrast that seems to indicate a small hope.

Suzy concept photos comeback

The concept photos released this time were taken to express the meaning behind the lyrics of “Satellite”. Suzy is raising high expectations for her song, which describes the longing and distant feelings for something that cannot be reached but it always lingers around with an unchanging heart.

Suzy concept photos comeback

Made with the band sounds and brit-pop vibe, “Satellite” is the new song that Suzy will release for the first time in 4 years after “Midnight” was published in 2018. Through this comeback, Suzy will show off a completely different aspect of herself as a vocalist. She also worked with the Korean top singer-songwriter and producer Kang Hyun-min, who used to be active in groups Loveholics and Weather Forecast.

Suzy concept photos comeback

After a 4-year hiatus in the music industry, Suzy will release her new single “Satellite” on various music sites at 6 P.M on February 17th.

Suzy concept photos comeback
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