The reason why Son Na-eun filmed the music video but not participated in Apink’s promotional activities… “It might be because of ‘money'”

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho mentioned the reason why Apink Son Na-eun was absent from the group’s activities.

On Feb 17th, Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video related to Son Na-eun on his YouTube channel.

Lee Jin-ho began, “Actually, Apink’s side was not able to figure out exactly that Son Na-eun was missing from this (whole group) promotion because of what schedules. Son Na-eun was the one who could express her most accurate position on the situation. But she did not open her mouth until the end.”

He claimed, “Son Na-eun and other Apink members had decided to make a comeback in February. Accordingly, Son Na-eun participated in the filming of the group’s music video in December last year. The recording of the tracks was conducted in April last year. However, there were differences over the ‘confirmation of the comeback date’. It seems that one side saw it as confirmed while the other side did not.”

Lee Jin-ho

He then shared, “In the end, Son Na-eun announced that she was ‘unable to join’ due to this problem. In fact, it is said that there was considerable controversy inside in the process of determining the timing for Apink’s comeback. The question was whether it was right to release an album at the time of the Winter Olympics. However, it is said that there was a limited schedule for Son Na-eun, who moved to YG Entertainment, to join. In the end, the group was set to come back in February in terms of consideration for Son Na-eun.”

The financial aspect was also mentioned. Lee Jin-ho said, “The reason why Son Na-eun participated in the filming and recording processes was her willingness to promote as a whole group. However, some industry insiders made a different interpretation. That it’s a matter related to money. They said that if she joins the group in the filming and recording processes, she’ll gain shares even if she doesn’t actually participate in album activities. Therefore, she can receive settlement of shares in terms of digital music separately from comeback activities.”

Lee Jin-ho

Finally, Lee Jin-ho concluded, “Only Son Na-eun herself can know whether it was because of her willingness to do activities or money. I tried to contact Apink members to hear their opinions. However, as it’s such a sensitive issue, I haven’t been able to get a response. An industry insider said ‘This comeback is a really meaningful activity, and the members cried a lot.’ Everyone’s sincerity towards Apink was the same.”

Currently, the video is attracting great attention with more than 16,000 views.

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