The reason why Oklahoma native AleXa became a K-pop star may surprise you 

AleXa wanted to move to Korea to help her mother find her biological parents, but the search process was not easy. 

In an interview with St. Louis Post-Dispatch published on May 11th, Korean American K-pop singer AleXa revealed the story of how she left America for Korea and debuted as a K-pop idol.


AleXa said one of the reasons why she was determined to move to Korea was to help her mother find her birth parents. She recalled the process, saying it was difficult.  “We did some digging and research about two years ago. Adoption laws in Korea are quite strict. If the birth parents are not in search of their child, the child has no permission to have any information on the birth parents. We unfortunately found out that my mother’s biological mother has not gone searching for her, so we could not get any information provided,” she told St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

AleXa said she wanted to make her debut in the K-pop scene because she was hoping that if she could become popular enough one day, it would be a chance for her mother to find and reunite with her family. 


“At the end of the day, the reason I really wanted to pursue being an idol was hoping that one day I would become known enough that somewhere (someone will see and think), ‘Oh, we had a daughter who looked like that.’ I’m hoping that someday some light gets shed on the situation, but only time will tell”, AleXa said.

In an earlier interview with The Korea Times, AleXa revealed that when she was 5, her mother was adopted by a family in America from an orphanage in Korea.  AleXa’s real name is Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman. Her Korean name is Kim Seri. She was born and raised in 1996 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a Russian American father and a Korean mother. 

In 2018, she participated in Mnet’s survival show Produce 48 and was eliminated early on. Her final rank was 82nd place. AleXa officially made her K-pop debut in 2019. Some of her most well-known songs include Bomb, Tattoo, Wonderland… She recently brought honor to Oklahoma by being crowned the first-ever winner of NBC’s America Song Contest with Wonderland


Source: Zing

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