The reason why BLACKPINK’s Rosé almost never stands straight when posing for group photos

This is Rosé’s signature stance. Here’s why she likes it.

Whenever BLACKPINK takes group photos, it’s easy to notice that Rosé often sticks out her hip to the side instead of standing straight like other members. 

Rosé is the tallest member of BLACKPINK. She is 1m68 and 6cm taller than Jisoo, the shortest member. The height difference between Rosé and the rest of the group is quite obvious. Therefore, if Rosé stands straight, the lineup will look uneven in group photos. 

With her experience in modeling, Rosé’s signature stance also makes her stand out more and look more attractive in group photos as she successfully shows off her body proportions, especially her waist and hip. She also rarely wears heels during group activities in consideration of other members.

During solo activities, Rosé likes wearing heels to flaunt her long legs even more. Rosé posing without standing straight has also become her habit. Even without other BLACKPINK members, it is still her favorite pose. 

Source: yan

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