The reason many singers pick NewJeans as their favorite group

NewJeans and their music are applauded by not only music fans but also senior singers.

Jay Park, who will host a new music talk show, picked IU and NewJeans as singers he wants to invite. IU is already so well-known with numerous hit songs, but why did Jay Park choose NewJeans, a rookie group that has just debuted for about 100 days?

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Regarding NewJeans, Jay Park said, “Although they’re idols, I want to invite them to play the music that people of various age groups can enjoy”.

Like his explanation, it is true that NewJeans quickly became one of the most famous 4th generation girl groups thanks to their music, which captivates listeners with different identities.

The three debut songs of NewJeans, “Attention”, “Hype boy” and “Cookie”, were exceptionally popular. The girl group then showed a different color through “OMG” and “Ditto”.

Main producer 250 has proven that unique and trendy music can be loved by the public through the performances of girl groups. 

The fact that singer Yoon Do Hyun released a cover of the song “Ditto” on January 10th was an opportunity to show the musical charm of NewJeans.

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Yoon Do Hyun introduced an acoustic version of NewJeans’s “Ditto” on his radio show and it is still gaining explosive reactions with more than 300,000 cumulative views in a week.

The listeners responded, “It’s good enough to shock us”. The pure and energetic dance music of NewJeans was reinterpreted with Yoon Do Hyun’s unique deep emotional vocals, making the charm of the original song shine even more.

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In addition, many famous people are into NewJeans music. Singer Byul recently revealed that she loves NewJeans songs.

In other words, NewJeans broke the prejudice that girl groups’ music only follows the trend, and many senior singers are pouring out compliments for this rookie girl group.

Source: Daum

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