The reason Lee Hyo Ri, who wanted to stop doing broadcasting activities, cannot quit her celebrity life despite controversies

Singer Lee Hyo Ri recently confessed her worries by comparing her current situation to other stars who often appear splendidly in the media.

After marrying singe Lee Sang Soon, Lee Hyo Ri moved to Jeju Island. She made that choice because she wanted to live a quiet life. That’s why many people sympathize with her worries. 

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo Ri recently appeared on tvN’s program “Canada Check-in”. While having dinner with an acquaintance, Lee Hyo Ri confessed, “I saw many celebrities take fancy and beautiful pictures in Paris on SNS. Then I suddenly thought ‘What am I doing here?’”.

She continued, “That was what fans want me to look like”, adding “But I couldn’t accept such an appearance 100%. I feel like I’m in the middle? I will go anywhere later.”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo Ri used to be a top star who led a whole generation. She debuted as a member of the girl group Fin.K.L and gained significant recognition as an idol. Lee Hyo Ri reached her prime time after standing alone. She showed up in front of the public as a solo singer and was loved for her unique charm.

In addition, Lee Hyo Ri also worked as an MC for various entertainment programs. She succeeded both as a singer and an entertainer.

lee hyori

In the middle of her heyday, Lee Hyo Ri suddenly got married then headed to Jeju Island. Explaining why she moved to Jeju on a program, the female singer jokingly said, “What if I cheat?”. However, she must have her own personal concerns.

Regarding the advantage of living in Jeju, Lee Hyo Ri pointed out her “quiet rest”. She had lived a fierce life in the entertainment industry since she was young, so she just wanted to get rid of those busy things and enjoyed her own time after getting married. Contrary to her intention, news about Lee Hyo Ri continued to stimulate public curiosity.

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Naturally, the broadcasters found and approached Lee Hyo Ri. She also accepted their offer to appear on programs. The problem is that various controversies have arisen ever since she started to return to TV shows. At the time Lee Hyo Ri showed up on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, the Covid-19 spread was still serious. Many people criticized Lee Hyo Ri as she went to karaoke, which was classified as a place with a high risk of pandemic spread. As a result, Lee Hyo Ri even shed tears on the show after going through the controversy.

lee hyori

Not stopping there, Lee Hyo Ri was then targeted by Chinese netizens because of her “Mao” remark on the program. Chinese people accused her of belittling Mao Zedong, known as former chairman of the Communist Party of China. Recently, she opened a cafe in Jeju and once again faced a backlash. Residents who live nearby the cafe complained that Lee Hyo Ri’s popularity turned the cafe into a tourist attraction and ruined their peaceful life.

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyo Ri’s actions and words kept causing big stirs. The current situation is completely opposite to her quiet years in Jeju. Because of this, Lee Hyo Ri must have been tired of the ‘celebrity’ life. That was also the reason she suddenly cut her hair short and said, “I’m going to stop doing broadcasts”.

However, Lee Hyo Ri is still appearing on the small screen. It must have been very difficult to quit everything at once because she has received so much attention and love throughout her life. Also, there are still many fans who want to see her. If she cannot cut off her celebrity life, enjoying it may be a way to solve the problem.

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Source: Daum

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