Celebrating 8 years of marriage, Lee Hyori’s husband Lee Sang Soon released their sweet unpublished photo

The sweet, idyllic images of Lee Hyori – Lee Sang Soon make netizens flutter. 

The “sexy queen” Lee Hyori and musician Lee Sang Soon are celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary on September 1. After working together on a music album, the two fell in love and married in 2013. Following their marriage, Lee Hyori and her husband relocated to Jeju Island, where they live blissfully with their adorable pets. Initially, the couple faced negative reactions from the public, but today everyone admires their love story. 

On this special occasion, artist Lee Sang Soon shared an unreleased photo of his and his wife’s secret wedding on his Instagram. Despite the poor picture quality, fans can still sense the couple’s bright happiness and enviable peaceful life. People were particularly taken by the bride Lee Hyori’s appearance. Lee Hyori, unlike other brides, emanates sexy, liberal, and cool characteristics. Thought a “sexy queen” would like showy guys, in the end, only the musician’s sincere love could “bind” her heart.

lee hyori lee sang soon
The unpublished wedding photo of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon made everyone stir. The bride is ecstatic and beautiful, and the groom is leisurely and at ease with the dog.  The peaceful and simple life of the couple makes everyone admire them.
lee hyori lee sang soon
Initially, the couple’s love story met with mixed opinions, saying that Lee Sang Soon did not well-matched the “sexy queen” in terms of appearance, status, and fame.
lee hyori lee sang soon
However, time has proven their love for each other.  Although they have been married for 8 years now, the couple is still as sweet as the first day
lee hyori lee sang soon

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