The real problem in the controversy over Kang Daniel making inappropriate remarks toward ‘Street Woman Fighter’ dancers

Singer Kang Daniel was recently embroiled in a controversy over his slip of the tongue while mentioning the two programs in which he appears as an MC.

While talking with fans on the fan communication app Universe, Kang Daniel mentioned Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, saying “To be honest, I feel very comfortable being on the show with male dancers… because I don’t get sucked of my energy. It was scarier when I did ‘Street Woman Fighter’, so I like the current show better.”

kang daniel

When some fans criticized his sexist remarks, Kang Daniel reacted, “What’s wrong with saying that I got scared? I’m speechless. I’ll skip them. Block! Bye, ppyong! People like them would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows. Let’s just live comfortably. Life is already tough. Just don’t cross the line. Let’s live happily.”

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Kang Daniel’s intention was not to compare women and men but to confess that he feels more comfortable being with people of the same gender. “Scary” and “sucked of energy” can’t be seen as disparaging remarks. MC Kang Daniel might have been describing the overwhelming energy from the tension in the fierce competitions between female dancers.

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However, the real problem here is the way Kang Daniel reacted to his fans’ complaints, not his remarks about the two programs. Blocking fans who disagreed with his opinions and mocking them, saying ‘People like them would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows’, were not appropriate things to do when responding to fans. If he had corrected his remarks with more accurate expressions to avoid misunderstandings, the conversation on Universe would not have spread and caused such a controversy. It might not be an intentional “absurd remark”, but this is why he cannot avoid the responsibility of making such a “slip of the tongue”. 

Are the behaviors of Kang Daniel, who compared the program he hosted with another program he is planning to host and quarreled with fans in that process, appropriate as an MC? The words and actions of MC Kang Daniel, who is already preparing to hide in the shade of ‘Street Man Fighter’ after pouring cold water on the old show ‘Street Woman Fighter’, left netizens with great regret and disappointment. 

kang daniel

As the controversies intensified, Kang Daniel released an official apology on July 20th, saying “I will be more cautious in my remarks and actions in the future”.

Source: daum

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