Is Snowdrop “deceiving” the viewers? A romantic drama turns out to be a tearjerker

Snowdrop has too many twists and turns. 

Aside from proving that it does not distort history, Snowdrop is also showing plenty of twists and turns, taking the viewers by countless surprises, starting with unpredictability from the poster.

The title feels sad but the first 2 episodes are funny 

The drama’s title, Snowdrop, seems to predict a painful love story, like a flower buried in the snow. But the first two episodes premiered to a bright, promising start. From depicting student life to the sweet first encounter and romantic feelings between the leads, all give off the vibes of a positive narrative.

Snowdrop deceiving the viewers

The first two episodes are fun, then comes a lot of pain and suffering

After getting “tricked” that Snowdrop will be filled with comedy after the first week of broadcast, viewers are then surprised by all the twists and turns. From episode 3 to episode 9, the drama makes viewers cry buckets of tears as they watch the bitter tears and misery of Young Ro (Jisoo) when she is held at gunpoint by the male lead Jung Hae In, her brother dies suddenly, while her life is also in danger.

Snowdrop deceiving the viewers
Snowdrop deceiving the viewers

A typical poster of a romantic drama but the actually storyline is heartbreaking 

From the day the first couple poster was released, fans had high hopes for a drama with sizzling chemistry and intimate scenes between Jisoo and Jung Hae In. But the ugly truth, that is all just a dream. On the first date, Young Ro is stood up by Soo Ho (Jung Hae In). Six months later when they meet again, even before they can express their feelings to one another, he attacks the women’s dorm, holds Young Ro at gunpoint and threatens to kill her. Their only hug in 9 episodes is only Young Ro’s plan, taking the detonator to threaten Soo Ho.

Snowdrop deceiving the viewers
Another poster…
Snowdrop deceiving the viewers
But this is what happens in the drama!

When will the writer stop making the characters suffer and give the viewers some peace? 

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