Big Hit’s training system receive a lot of praise from Knets: Every year, it spends more than 120,000 won for one trainee

Big Hit does not require the trainees to reimburse any training fees, but Big Hit also has many support programs on various issues during their training time at the company.

Starting from zero, BTS has taken slow and steady steps over the past 8 years to become the biggest Kpop group today.  In order for BTS to reach the current position, it is undoubtedly impossible not to mention the training efforts of the management company Big Hit Entertainment and all the investments that Bang Shi Hyuk has poured into the boys. And since the success of BTS, the trainee training system of Big Hit has been developing more and more to deserve the position of the leading company in Kpop.

Recently, Korean netizens reiterated Bang Shi Hyuk’s answer in an interview with an international newspaper site in the past.  The head of Big Hit Entertainment revealed that the average cost they have to spend annually for a trainee is 120 million won.  This fee is fully covered by the company.

In fact, big companies like Big Hit, SM, JYP, and YG will pay all the investment costs for the trainees.  Trainees don’t need to pay this back, and they can start making money as soon as they debut.  In other agencies, idols can only make money after paying off their debts, which is training costs that the company advanced for them during the training period.

Not only that, when a group’s debut lineup is confirmed, the selected trainees will have to live together in the dorm for at least 1.5 years before their official debut.  During this time, the company will pay for the trainees’ accommodation. Since they have to prepare for their debut, they are asked to self-monitor and evaluate each other for 3 to 6 months.  The content of the assessment includes deciding who will be the most suitable leader, and the members want to improve which aspect of themselves and also deciding their own role in the group.

During this time, the trainees will do a “leader test.”  For example, in the case of TXT, when asked exactly what they did for that test, Beomgyu replied, “Each of us will be tested as a leader in 2 or 3 weeks. We will grade each other, and the person with the highest score will become the team leader … “

In addition, Bang Shi Hyuk also confirmed that Big Hit’s training program costs more time and money than any other company.  That’s because Big Hit not only teaches the trainees the necessary skills to become a singer but also prepares the trainees for their social life, taking care of their mental and physical health.  The company even organizes a 1: 1 mentorship program for them. Bang PD affirmed: “We are not an official educational institution, but we are trying our best as a member of society.”

Big Hit’s trainee development team added, “We also do the project ‘Listening to the music’ as part of our training program because some trainees can’t determine what kind of music they really love (not just the genre they have to sing).“

Big Hit also does not require their trainees to take acting classes like other big companies.  Besides, while the majority of current entertainment companies have changed policies regarding exclusive contracts and more respect for artists’ decisions, Big Hit is said to have applied it right from the start. 

After this information was spread again, Big Hit Entertainment received a lot of praise from Korean netizens thanks to their majestic and professional trainee training system.  Many people even expressed their hope to try once to become a Big Hit trainee, although they still know this is not an easy matter.

1. I love Big Hit because they always invest a lot of money in the trainees

2. I think acting practice will be necessary because idols need to show their acting on stage

3. It’s like the cost of R&D in other fields, is there anything special?

4. There’s nothing to argue with if you look at BTS and TXT

5. I thought it was 20 million won, but it was 120 million won;;

6. It costs more money than I thought

7. It’s good, I think I’ll apply for Big Hit if I want to be a trainee

8. Well, 120 million won…

9. The Big Hit system is so good

10. It’s good for the trainees

Source: Tinnhac

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