“The ratings are over 20% but…” The parts in “Reborn Rich” that fans of the original novel are most disappointed about

The drama version of “Reborn Rich” still can’t fully satisfy fans of the original work despite its high ratings. 

The reason why fans of the original web novel that “Reborn Rich” is based on, are disappointed with the drama is how the settings have changed. 

song joong ki Reborn Rich

First of all, in the original work, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) invests 24 billion won from selling land in Bundang in companies such as Dell, Microsoft, and Softbank as a child. However, in the drama, Jin Do Joon’s childhood is omitted for speedy development.

Reborn Rich

Also, in the novel, Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) is not in an outright confrontational relationship with Jin Do Joon. In the novel, Jin Yang Chul falls for Jin Do Joon’s talent, gives him advice on company management, and sometimes tests him to raise him as the true successor of Sunyang. Jin Do Joon also respects Jin Yang Chul and reveals that Jin Yang Chul is the only one he can’t win in a battle of numbers even though he knows the future.

lee sung min reborn rich

Meanwhile, in the drama, Jin Yang Chul is put up as a main character and confronts Jin Do Joon to raise tension.

lee sung min Reborn Rich

Lastly, fans of the original work pointed out that Jin Do Joon is not a righteous character in the novel, but a cool-headed character for profit. However, in the drama, Jin Do Joon is portrayed as kind and the children of the Sunyang group are portrayed as evil.

Reborn Rich

However, fans who have watched the drama and also read the original novel said, “Seo Min Young (played by Shin Hyun Been) is the drama’s female lead, but in the novel, her presence is low. Unlike the novel, the drama’s production team seems to increase the proportion of female characters while adapting.”

Park Ji Hyun Reborn Rich

In the 8th episode of JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 4th, Jin Yang Chul withdraws the principle of succession to his eldest son, and a fiercer succession war is depicted. 

Episode 8 recorded 21.7% viewership ratings for households in the metropolitan area and 19.4% for households nationwide.

Source: Wikitree

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