“The new bride of July” Lee Hae-ri has become the first member of Davichi to get married

Singer Lee Hae-ri became the first “sold out girl” in Davichi.

According to Lee Hae-ri’s agency Wake One on July 4th, Lee Hae-ri held a small wedding ceremony with the participation of her family, relatives, and acquaintances on July 3rd.  It is said that the wedding was held privately in consideration of her non-celebrity husband and his family.

The news of Lee Hae-ri’s wedding was announced in May through Lee Hae-ri’s handwritten letter and an official position from her agency. In her handwritten at that time, Lee Hae-ri said, “I still can’t believe it but I’m getting married”, expressing her excitement as a bride-to-be.

Lee Hae Ri

She said, “He’s a good person who makes me laugh a lot when I’m with him and there are so many things from him that I can learn from. I respect and cherish him more than anyone else“, adding, “I want to be with him forever”, showing affection for her husband.

She also made a promise to keep carrying out activities as Davichi’s Lee Hae-ri after her marriage. Lee Hae-ri impressed fans by saying, “I will continue to sing, laugh, and talk alongside Kang Min-kyung as always”.

Lee Hae Ri

After her wedding announcement, Lee Hae-ri continued to share her wedding preparation process through her personal Instagram account, and Kang Min-kyung’s Youtube channel. In particular, Kang Min-kyung’s passionate and enthusiastic appearance while preparing for Lee Hae-ri’s wedding, including releasing her wedding lookbook, created a warm atmosphere that drew admiration from fans.

In fact, Lee Hae-ri’s wedding day passed quietly since it was held as a small and private ceremony. However, MC Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho, who promised to attend Lee Hae-ri’s wedding when she appeared on tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, made headlines by releasing their proof shots.

Lee Hae Ri

Lee Hae-ri, who announced her precious relationship and a new start in her life, is still receiving many congratulations and enjoying her event. Netizens are cheering and raising high expectations for Lee Hae-ri’s better performance after marriage. 

Source: Nate

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