The tragic life of hot girl He Cheng Xi who did plastic surgery to look like Fan Bing Bing but ended up marrying a gay man

Not only did He Cheng Xi want to change her face, but she also wanted to change her life.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful visual, and it seems that we especially focus on our faces and skins. In this modern world, people tend to place a higher value on appearance; therefore, plastic surgery has been chosen as a way to help anyone who wants to become more beautiful.

Moreover, many people believe that not only do plastic surgeries make them look prettier but change their life. Is it true?

Ha Cheng Xi is a Chinese girl who had spent 8 years doing many plastic surgeries in order to have a face that resembles actress Fan Bing Bing. Chinese media also mentioned Ha Cheng Xi as the second version of Fan Bing Bing because their faces look 90% alike.

Ha Cheng Xi

Ha Cheng Xi was born in 1993 in a wealthy family in Shengzhen, Guangdong Province, China. 

Before doing plastic surgeries, Ha Cheng Xi was a girl with a common appearance. Because of her desire to become more beautiful, she set up a plan to change her life at the age of 15.

Instead of proceeding with her study in the university, she determined to change her face in order to have a different life. She had always wanted to have big eyes and a sharp chin like Fan Bing Bing. Therefore, Ha Cheng Xi decided to transform into a copy version of Fan Bing Bing.

Ha Cheng Xi

From 15 to 23 years old, Ha Cheng Xi had spent 8 years and an amount of 8 million yuan for plastic surgeries. After that, she completely altered her face and also her life.

Ha Cheng Xi

Entering showbiz

In 2016, Ha Cheng Xi confidently appeared in the entertainment industry.

She competed in the show “Super Voice Girls” held by Hunan’s broadcasting station. After appearing on stage, she attracted the attention of the public and became famous in just one night. However, she was popular not because of her voice but her face that resembles Fan Bing Bing.

Ha Cheng Xi

Being the 2nd version of Fan Bing Bing, Ha Cheng Xi received calls from many brands asking her to become their model or MC, and even a director invited her to act in his movie. Moreover, she also got the chance to walk the red carpet at various movie premiers.

In addition, Ha Cheng Xi not only changed her face to look like Fan Bing Bing, but she also copied Fan Bing Bing’s fashion style, make-up style, and gestures, etc. in order to be as similar to Fan Bing Bing as possible.

Ha Cheng Xi
Ha Cheng Xi

There was a time when many people were confused and could not distinguish between He Cheng Xi and Fan Bing Bing. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the immense power of plastic surgery techniques nowadays.

Also in 2016, He Cheng Xi married a plastic surgeon named Yu Xiaoquan. Later, Yu Xiao Quan became the founder and CEO of a plastic surgery clinic and had a certain influence in the industry.

Ha Cheng Xi

Yu Xiao Quan was extremely supportive of his wife’s surgery. Besides, he also has a passion for aesthetics and has undergone several surgeries himself to become more beautiful. After getting to know He Cheng Xi, he began to get his face done to look like actor Li Chen (who used to be Fan Bing Bing’s boyfriend).

He Cheng Xi and Yu Xiao Quan share the same passion for changing their appearance using plastic surgery.  The public used to assume that the two are a “match made in heaven”.

Ha Cheng Xi

In 2017, He Cheng Xi and Yu Xiao Quan gave birth to their first son. Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage life quickly went downhill thereafter. In May 2018, after 2 years of living together, their relationship ended in divorce. The two even began to “expose” each other on social media.

What surprised netizens the most was when He Cheng Xi publicly accused Yu Xiao Quan on Weibo of being gay.

Ha Cheng Xi

After that, Yu Xiao Quan spoke up and explained that He Cheng Xi deliberately fabricated to gain custody of their children. At the same time, he also accused his wife of insulting his family, even beating his sister. In response to this drama, netizens were extremely surprised and could not believe what they saw. The couple who used to be passionately in love have turned their backs on each other. After that, the two officially divorced, ending the controversial “battle” on social media.

Ha Cheng Xi

After the divorce, He Cheng Xi and Yu Xiao Quan’s popularity reached the next level. Yu Xiao Quan became a well-known surgeon in the industry and often participated in large-scale activities.

Ha Cheng Xi

He Cheng Xi was not affected by the previous scandal either. Currently, she is still living a very happy life.  Occasionally, He Cheng Xi would appear in commercials or photoshoots, and she is still getting prettier day by day. Notably, she no longer follows the path of trying to become a Fan Bing Bing lookalike.  With a different style and aura, He Cheng Xi has found herself.

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