Kim Da-mi, who was selected for the lead role through a 1500:1 competition, returns to the big screen for the first time in 5 years with “Soulmate” 

Expectations are high on how Kim Da-mi will bring this role to life. 

According to distributor Next Entertainment World (NEW) on the 17th, the movie “Soulmate” starring Kim Da-mi, Jeon So-nee, and Byun Woo-suk has been confirmed to be released in March.


“Soulmate” is a story about two friends, Mi-so (Kim Da-mi) and Ha-eun (Jeon So-nee) who becomes close and strays apart. The movie takes a closer look into the various emotions the pair of friends feel, from joy, sadness, to excitement and longing. The movie is based on the Chinese movie hit of the same name released in 2017. Director Min Yong-geun, who showed delicate directing skills with the movie “Re-encounter,” took charge of the project. 


In the launch poster released on the same day, Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee drew attention by radiating a close friend chemistry. In particular, the copy that reads, “We shone the most when we were together” reminds viewers of their “soulmates.”

It’s known that Kim Dami, who attended Incheon University’s Department of Performing Arts, worked as a fitting model for a famous clothing brand. When she was in her third year of university, she made her film debut in the movie ‘Remember Me’, where she played the child role of actor Lee Yoo-young. Based on her acting, she broke through the competition rate of 1500:1 in 2017 and took on the role of the sole protagonist in the movie ‘The Witch’ directed by Park Hoon-jung, and made her name known.

After that, Da-mi Kim successfully played the role of Jo Yi-seo in the drama ‘Itaewon Class’ and Kook Yeon-soo in ‘Our Beloved Summer’, establishing herself as an actress to be trusted and watched. In addition to ‘Soulmate’, she is currently preparing for the Netflix release of ‘The Great Flood’, a film she co-stars with Park Hae-soo.

The movie “Soulmate” starring Kim Da-mi is scheduled to be released in March.

Source: wikitree

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