The most frustrating supporting characters in Korean hit zombie movies and series

Some are way too selfish, and some live too long. These characters drive us crazy! 

Korean zombie movies and TV shows are always wella-received by both domestic and international viewers. And what we realize after watching Korean works about the zombie apocalypse is that flesh-eating monsters are still not as scary as mean and selfish human beings.

1. Yong Suk (Train To Busan)

Yong Suk (Kim Eui Sung) in Train To Busan represents the worst in the selfish traits of human nature. He does not hesitate to push others to death, willing to kill innocent people, as long as he is safe.

kim eui sung

2. Oh Joo Hyung (Happiness)

The terrible lawyer Joo Hyung of Happiness continues to anger the viewers with reckless behaviors to satisfy his own pleasure. His bad habits also cause disunity within the apartment as well as harming his neighbors.

joo hyung

3. Oh Yeon Ok (Happiness)

One of the antagonists in Happiness, Yeon Ok (Bae Hae Sun) has only one purpose: to become the representative of the apartment complex to gain illicit profits. Therefore, in any situation, she only thinks about herself and does things for her own benefit. She is blinded by greed.

bae hae sun

4. Andrew (Happiness)

Zombie is definitely not as terrifying as Andrew (Lee Joo Seung) – a serial killer. Andrew reveals his identity in the final episodes of Happiness and spread terror to the drama’s characters and the viewers. From those who hold grudges against Andrew to good-natured characters, no one can’t escape Andrew’s sights.

lee joo seung

5. Lee Na Yeon (All Of Us Are Dead)

Na Yeon (Lee Yoo Mi) is the most infuriating character in the first episodes of All Of Us Are Dead. Na Yeon is selfish, narrow-minded and only thinks for herself. She constantly hurts her friends. The worst part is, she gets so jealous that she even kills one of the students.

lee yoo mi

6. Gwi Nam (All Of Us Are Dead)

The scariest villain that makes viewers shiver every time he appears on the screen is Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo).  Already a bully, after getting bitten by zombies, Gwi Nam turns even more brutal. He is ready to kill those who stand in his way and has extreme hatred for Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young). The most frustrating part about this character is that he is basically immortal, driving the viewers insane. 

yoo in soo
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