Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, “Yoongphrodite vs. The Standard of Girl Group Center? I can’t lose both” 

Idol and actress Yoona played a balance game with Marie Claire magazine. 

On June 29th, on Marie Claire Korea’s official YouTube channel, a video titled “I can’t stand soggy snacks. How to store snacks explained by Yoongphrodite Yoona. Balance Game with Yoona was posted. The video shows Girls’ Generation’s Yoona playing a balance game where she has to pick one out of two options. 

First, when asked between Girls’ Generation’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ or ‘Lion Heart’, which song she would make a comeback with again, Yoona said, “Both are songs I really like, but it’s been longer since ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.”

When she was asked to choose between two of her famous nicknames, ‘Yoongphrodite’ and ‘The standard of a girl group center’, Yoona said as she couldn’t hold back her laughter, “I can’t lose both. But whichever I choose, it will still work out. Because Yoongphrodite is the center of Girls’ Generation.”

snsd yoona marie claire

When asked to choose between ‘Making a mistake in lyrics’ and ‘Making a mistake in choreography’, she chose the latter. Yoona explained, “I think it will be hard for me to get past the lyrics mistake. The choreography mistake may not be visible for a moment. It may not be caught on camera, but I think I will be more concerned because the lyrics are constantly being heard.”

snsd yoona marie claire

Between short hair and bleached hair, Yoona chose short hair and said, “I bleached my hair when we were promoting ‘PARTY’, but my hair couldn’t stand it. My hair was so damaged that I had short hair to cut off all the damaged parts. But it’s strong now so I think I will bleach my hair again.”

snsd yoona marie claire

Between ‘warm carbonated drinks’ and ‘soggy snacks’, Yoona can tolerate a warm soda but said she would not be able to stand soggy snacks. 

Between dancing all day to ‘Into The New World’ choreography vs. singing ‘I GOT A BOY’ all day, Yoona said both are hard but still chose ‘Into The New World’. She said while shaking her head, “I feel out of breath just thinking about ‘I GOT A BOY’. I can’t sing that song alone.”

snsd yoona marie claire

When asked to choose between ‘Going to the past 15 years ago’ and ‘Going to the future 15 years later’, Yoona said, “I like the present. I’m thinking about whether I have to go back and continue living, or whether I can take pictures and return. It even reminds me of MBTI.” 

In the end, Yoona said that she would travel 15 years into the future. She added, “I’m curious about 15 years from now, so I’ll take a peek and come back.” 

snsd yoona marie claire

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