The “Melona” story between best friends IU and Yoo In Na that never stops being funny 

Yoo In Na misunderstood IU’s joke so she brought 50 Melona ice creams to IU’s concert.  

IU and Yoo In Na are a famous duo of best friends among Korean celebrities. Although Yoo In Na is 11 years older than IU, the two show great chemistry every time they appear together. They have consistently shown support for one another and stayed by each other’s side through thick and thin. IU once affirmed that the friendship she has with Yoo In Na is even stronger than family. 

IU and Yoo In Na
IU and Yoo In Na are a famous duo of BFFs in the industry 

In a live broadcast in 2019, IU said that Yoo In Na always attended her concerts. One time when IU told Yoo In Na she was dyeing her hair, the actress suddenly appeared, surprising her little sister. The friendship of the two that has lasted for nearly a decade is truly admirable.

IU and Yoo In Na
IU once said that Yoo In Na is always present at her concerts

However, the age difference is also what makes IU and Yoo In Na sometimes not understand each other. Specifically, when IU’s Love, Poem concert took place in Busan in November 2019, Yoo In Na couldn’t attend. That’s why IU jokingly said, “When you come, bring Melona”.

IU and Yoo In Na
IU made a joke to Yoo In Na, “When you come, bring Melona.”

Melona is a melon flavored ice cream that is very popular in Korea. And this phrase has become a trend among young Koreans with the meaning “I knew you were coming, so when you come, Melona”. The joke also means “Please come back soon!”.

IU and Yoo In Na
Melona is a popular melon flavored ice cream in Korea

Yoo In Na, on the other hand, was unaware of this trend and assumed that IU favored Melona ice cream. As a result, the actress surprisingly showed up at IU’s Busan concert with 50 Melona ice cream sticks. The entire concert crew had a huge ice cream party as a result of this lovely misunderstanding. This is also one of the most unforgettable memories of IU and Yoo In Na’s friendship.

IU and Yoo In Na
Yoo In Na suddenly appeared at the IU’s Busan concert with 50 Melona ice cream sticks
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