Ryu Soo-young & Park Ha-sun’s living room revealed for the first time… Lee Chan-won reacted, “It’s 8 times bigger than mine” (Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant)

Kangnam drew laughter as he did the thing for which his wife Lee Sang-hwa often scolded him at Ryu Soo-young’s house. 

KBS 2TV’s program “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, which aired on October 7th, set “garlic” as the theme of the October menu competition.


The place where Kangnam came and rang the doorbell was the house of actor Ryu Soo-young. If we already learn how to cook from Ryu Soo-young at Kangnam’s house last time, this time let’s learn cooking at Ryu Soo-young’s house.

Seeing lovely pictures of couple Ryu Soo-young and Park Ha-sun on the wall from the entrance, Kangnam couldn’t help but express his admiration. Surprised by the house’s interior, Kangnam exclaimed, “Wow, so big. We’ve only seen your kitchen. It’s so different from what was shown on the TV”. Lee Chan-won nodded, “I think it’s 8 times bigger than my house”.


As Kangnam said he had not eaten yet, Ryu Soo-young decided to make egg over rice for him. It’s a Japanese cuisine for Kangnam, who is from Japan. Looking at the dish made of two eggs and one onion, Kangnam commented, “It’s like I’m watching a broadcast right now”.

The super-simple egg rice, which was made in only 10 minutes, has an excellent appearance. Kangnam exclaimed, “It smells like the food I used to eat in Japan very often. It looks like it’s sold in a store. Isn’t this insane? So delicious.”


Ryu Soo-young happily said, “I feel rewarded seeing him eating deliciously like that”. Kangnam said, “Your baby must be very happy. Nothing outside tastes as good as this”. Ryu Soo-young replied, “I was practicing cooking yesterday then my daughter came home and said ‘Udon!’. I told myself to do well. Because if I don’t, she would say ‘It tastes different from yesterday’s food’”, drawing laughter.

Kangnam then said, “I’ve naturalized anyway”, revealing that he has officially become a Korean after three years. When asked “Did your father feel upset?”, Kangnam replied, “My wife is a member of the national team. I said ‘I have to protect her duty’, and my dad said ‘Al right’”. Ryu Soo-young commented, “It must have been very difficult to make such a decision”.


Ryu Soo-young surprised everyone by saying that he made salted yellow corvina. His secret room was also revealed. Various seasonings, sauces, and treasure soy sauce were there. There were as many as 20 kinds of soy sauce.  “Soy sauce is very interesting”, Ryu Soo-young even recited information and history about each of the soy sauces. There was also the plum wine Ryu Soo-young made himself 6 years ago.


Seeing the long-awaited salted yellow corvina, Kangnam said, “This is the first time I’ve seen yellow corvina”. However, the salted yellow corvina, whose shape disappeared due to the color, was unusual from its visual to its smell. Kangnam frowned and suffered from the salty taste after tasting it slightly. Ryu Soo-young then showed Kangnam a completely different taste by mixing it with sesame oil and red pepper powder right on the spot.

After then Kangnam immediately asked for a handshake from Ryu Soo-young and applauded, “Amazing. I was very surprised. It changes into a completely different food. I want to take this home.”


Then Ryu Soo-young opened his full refrigerator and said that he would make “fish sauce fried rice”. The actor crushed the shrimp and chopped it, saying that she would crush the shrimp. When he put all the ingredients in the pan and stir-fry them, the smell got better and changed immediately. In response, Kangnam said, “How amazing. It suddenly turned into a delicious smell”. He added, “I once learned how to cook from you and cooked that fried rice at home for two weeks”.

Ryu Soo-young also introduced the recipe for Braised Spicy Chicken that men can do quickly without failure. The ingredients were simple. Ryu Soo-young also grilled chicken and caught the smell of eating it.


Kangnam, who is usually tightly controlled by his wife Lee Sang-hwa and forced to diet, felt very happy as he had a carbohydrate party at Ryu Soo-young’s house. However, he belatedly rolled his eyes around as if he was conscious of Lee Sang-hwa, drawing laughter. While eating fried rice, Kangnam said, “I don’t want my wife to watch this broadcast. I hope my family members don’t watch this, too”, making everyone laugh hard.

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