The hottest K-drama in foreign countries these days isn’t “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”… It’s “this title”

In the first half of this year, dramas that have already been sensational in Korea such as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” and “Business Proposal” are receiving great love from overseas fans as well.

extraordinary attorney woo

The reason why the latest Korean dramas were loved by overseas fans in real time is that they were simultaneously released worldwide through global OTT services such as Netflix and Disney+.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, “Business Proposal” and “All of Us Are Dead“, the most popular dramas in the first half of the year that attracted overseas fans’ attention, were also released simultaneously around the world through Netflix and so on, showing high topicality.

Among them, the drama that is loved the most by Korean fans is “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

All Of Us Are Dead,

However, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was not the hottest work among overseas K-drama fans.

Recently, the online media outlet Allkpop reported that “Snowdrop” is the most-tweeted about Korean drama worldwide in 2022, not “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

According to the result of Twitter’s analysis, the most-tweeted about K-drama in the world from January 1st to August 18th this year was “Snowdrop“.


In 2nd place is “Twenty-five, Twenty-one,” 3rd place is “Business Proposal,” 4th place is “All Of Us Are Dead,” followed by “Our Beloved Summer‘ in 5th place.

The hottest drama in Korea in the first half of this year, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” ranks 7th.

“Snowdrop” was abandoned by domestic viewers due to the controversy over history distortion

our beloved summer

“Snowdrop” was not very popular in Korea during its broadcast. This is because it was boycotted due to the controversy over the distortion of the pro-democracy movement and the glorification of political spies.

An article was even posted on the Blue House petition website, asking for the government to stop airing “Snowdrop”, and companies that sponsored the drama declared their withdrawal one after another.

There has even been a movement to boycott Disney+, which provides “Snowdrop” on its OTT service.

Blackpink Jisoo-Snowdrop

Actress Jisoo, a leading name of the Korean Wave, ranks first in Southeast Asia, including Taiwan and Singapore

However, overseas fans responded the most to “Snowdrop” among the dramas aired in the first half of this year.


In particular, the series remained at the top of the list of contents that are seen the most in Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, and other related countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This seems to be due to the fact that the main actress, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, is very popular in these countries.

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