“The Good Bad Mother” enters thrilling final stage, acquired new rating peak 

“The Good Bad Mother” enters the last two episodes with the highest rating yet. 

After the 11th episode, “The Good Bad Mother” officially reaches its final moments. The 12th episode received an 11% nationwide viewership rating, becoming the 8th highest-rated series of all time in JTBC’s history. 


Before entering the final battle, “The Good Bad Mother” picks up where it left off – at the burning pig farm. The entire village, including Sam Sik, was at the scene to rescue Kang Ho and Young Soon. This time, Sam Sik was able to spot the arsonists but could not capture them in time. Nonetheless, the mother and her son survived the fire. 

In this episode, Kang Ho also gained consciousness of a grown adult. When he woke up at the hospital, he learned from the conversation between Mi Joo and Young Soon that the twins were actually his children. 

Mi Joo also revealed CEO Song and National Assembly member Oh’s plan to “take care of” Kang Ho, in which Sam Sik was involved. 

Sam Sik told Mi Joo everything 
Kang Ho overheard the conversation between Mi Joo and Young Soon 

At the same time, Kang HO was arrested as a suspect in the Soo Hyun case. Previously, the Song – Oh’s allegiance tried to pin the crime on him. Nonetheless, Kang Ho managed to evade by faking his illness. 

Kang Ho almost got arrested 

When Kang Ho returned home, Young Soon realized he had returned to his normal self and the two had an emotional reunion. However, Kang Ho already set his plan in motion and would be on his way to finish it. He said goodbye to his mother, the twins, and Mi Joo. 

Kang Ho said his final farewell to his loved ones 

Fans are eager to see how the final episodes will turn out next week. While Kang Ho sets out to find the missing clue to take down the bad guys, Mi Joo and Sam Sik are doing their best to support him, starting with finding Oh Ha Young. 

Kang Ho sets out to look for the missing clue 
mi joo
Mi Joo accidentally knows Oh Ha Young drugged Kang Ho from a clip in her daughter’s phone 

Source: K14 

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