NewJeans tops rookie idol group brand reputation ranking in September 2023

The brand reputation of rookie idol groups in September 2023 was revealed. The top three groups in terms of brand reputation are as follows: 1st place – NewJeans, 2nd place – LE SSERAFIM and 3rd place – ZEROBASEONE.

The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute conducted this analysis by extracting 18,858,701 pieces of big data related to the brand reputation of rookie idol groups from August 5th, 2023, to September 5th, 2023. This data was compared to the 22,749,511 pieces of data collected in August, showing a 17.10% decrease.


The brand reputation index is influenced by consumers’ online habits and is measured through big data analysis. It encompasses positive and negative evaluations of idol group brands, media attention, consumer interest and communication volume. The analysis also includes qualitative assessments.

The brand reputation of rookie idol groups combines boy and girl groups and measures consumer participation, media coverage, communication and community indices. This analysis focuses on idol groups that have debuted since 2022.


NewJeans, the 1st place holder, achieved a brand reputation index of 7,488,673 with high scores in participation, media, communication and community indices, representing an 11.23% increase from August.

Koo Chang Hwan, the head of the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute, highlighted keywords associated with the NewJeans brand such as “record, certify, advertise” and mentioned that their positive ratio was 91.89%.

Source: Daum

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