HOT: The male rapper who won the runner-up of Show Me The Money 3 has just passed away, Kbiz received 2 bad news on the same day

On the same day, the Asian entertainment industry in general and Kbiz, in particular, received much bad news, causing the audience to panic.

Kbiz recently received bad news, when Korean media reported that the male rapper with the stage name Iron suddenly passed away.  The male rapper was born in 1992, is 29 years old.  Iron is no stranger to rap fans as the runner-up of Show Me The Money 3 – a popular rap show that has “produced” many famous rappers of the Korean entertainment industry.

Rapper Iron Reportedly Found Dead Outside Apartment

According to a police report via Sports Kyunghyang, Iron was discovered laying in a flowerbed outside an apartment complex by a security guard, bleeding, around 10:25 am KST today. He was taken to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead.

In recent years, the male rapper Iron has been constantly appearing with personal scandals.  Iron was sentenced to prison for harassing his ex or assaulting his roommate, and a series of accusations with his former lover, … This has affected Iron’s image a lot.  On the afternoon of January 25, both Kbiz was shocked by the news that the male rapper has passed away, causing public confusion at the pressure that many celebrities are suffering.

Rapper Iron Reportedly Found Dead Outside Apartment

On the same day, Kbiz has to receive 2 consecutive bad news.  Earlier, the Korean newspaper also reported that actress Song Yoo Jung had passed away in the morning of the same day.  She has participated in movie projects such as Golden Rainbow, Make Your Wish, School 2017, or in iKON’s MV Goodbye Road, and is also a promotional model for many brands.  When her career is successful, Song Yoo Jung suddenly committed suicide, making everyone extremely regretful for the life of a beautiful and talented actress, Song Yoo Jung.

Rapper Iron Reportedly Found Dead Outside Apartment

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