Somi talked about the rumors surrounding her and JYP’s conflict for the first time

In her debut showcase, Somi has talked about and try to make clear of all rumors surrounding her leaving JYP Entertainment last year.

On June 13th, Somi officially debut as a solo artist with the single “Birthday”. In her debut showcase, this female idol has received a question about why she has decided to leave JYP Entertainment to join The Black Label – a label under YG Entertainment – last year.

Somi at her debut showcase.

Answering the question, Somi erased all rumors about her and JYP’s conflict. The girl said: “Musically, we had different routes. We had had many discussion before I left. There is no conflict or argument between me and JYP, and both supported each other after we parted ways. I support JYP and I’m sure JYP will do the same.”

This is the first time Somi publicly talked about the reason why she left JYP Entertainment. There were some rumors about this I.O.I ex-member leaving her former agency due to some conflict after the audience saw that Jeon Somi seemed to be jabbing and mocking JYP and its artists on her SNS. Many even said that Somi didn’t leave by herself, but she was kicked out instead after they saw CEO Park’s post on his SNS about refusing to keep any artist who fails to protect their image, debuted or not.

Actions that make netizens doubted that Somi was trying to mock her former agency.

Somi was also asked about YG’s recent controversy. She answered: “I won’t sway and has tried my best to work hard and prepared in my own way.”

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