“The Glory” Kim Gun Woo warns fans about fake Instagram account impersonating him

Kim Gun Woo publicly exposed an Instagram account pretending to be him on his Instagram story.

On May 9, Kim Gun Woo took a screenshot of an Instagram account impersonating him and gave a warning to his followers, “This isn’t me.”

kim gun woo

The fake account impersonating Kim Gun Woo used the same profile picture and name as his official Instagram account. They smartly caused confusion by adding numbers to the username. Despite having no posts, the impersonating account has a considerable number of followers.

Recently, actors Lee Si Eon and Jin Seo Yeon, as well as comedian Park Joon Hyung, have also expressed discomfort with Instagram impersonation. In particular, the account impersonating Jin Seo Yeon even sent his acquaintances direct messages.

Meanwhile, Kim Gun Woo gained attention for his role as Son Myung Oh in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”. He also appeared on SBS’ variety show “My Little Old Boy” on May 7 and shared personal stories about his family, garnering interest.

Source: nate. 

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