aespa Ningning can barely see in one eye, used to get eye surgery

On March 14th, the official SNS account of fashion magazine Vogue+ China published an interview video with aespa member Ningning, where she revealed the items in her bag. 


In the interview, NingNing revealed that she collected “souvenirs” from all over the world, including mints from American convenience stores, a coin purse lost and recovered at an Australian airport, cough drops bought in Japan, and so on.

Most notable of all, however, Ningning mentioned that she often carries eye drops regardless of where she is going, due to her poor eyesight. 

“My eyesight is not very good”, Ningning said, adding, “I had an eye surgery when I was a child. My right eye can barely see anything. It’s a secret. Therefore, I carry eye drops with me to keep my eyes from drying out and to protect my eyes.” 


Last year, a Chinese fan revealed that Ningning traveled back to China a few years ago to treat amoeba keratitis, an eye condition, and it seems that their story has turned out to be true. 

Currently, fans from all over the world are expressing how they are proud of Ningning for staying strong and keeping her professionalism, despite facing such a serious health condition. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • People who criticized Ningning for “disrespecting fans”, it was because her eyes couldn’t withstand flash lights. Can you guys apologize now?
  • She was wearing sunglasses and looking down because of the harsh lights, but was condemned for it…
  • Ningning is such a strong girl… She went back to China for treatment and received all kinds of criticisms yet never said anything
  • Imagine having to practice choreographies and pose for magazines when barely being able to see, that’s what Ningning has to go through…
  • I truly admire Ningning’s professionalism, to think she has such a serious condition and yet delivers excellent performances on stage…

Source: Weibo

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