The East Light Lee Seung Hyun cried in court: “Please stop lying”

A member of the teenage boy group called “The East Light,” who revealed that he had been assaulted by the agency’s producer, burst into tears at the trial when he recalled the situation.

Recently, the second trial of producer Moon, a member of an entertainment agency, and Media Line Entertainment’s chairman Kim Chang Hwan was held. They were brought to trial on charges of violating the child welfare law.

PD Moon is suspected of assaulting The East Light’s members Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun dozens of times from 2015 to 2018.

Lee Seung Hyun said on June 13, 2017, “Producer Moon locked the studio door because he thought I played soccer and beat me with a club,” adding, “When I ran away and was brought back to PD Moon, I met Chairman Kim, but he didn’t stop him and just tell him to “go easy” on me”

Chairman Kim also told PD Moon that even if the member was hurt or killed, he would pay for their funerals, so make it right,” he added.

Lee was furious and cried a lot when he recalled the assault and verbal abuse that Moon had committed against him.

“I hope there will be no such incident in Korea, my heart breaks when I think of the victims who are suffering,” Lee said. “I wish chairman Kim would stop lying.”

Chairman Kim’s side admitted to the producer’s assault and accepted his resignation, but said Kim did not help the assault.

Member Lee Seok Cheol held a press conference in October last year that revealed PD Moon’s alleged assault and chairman Kim’s helping in the assault, which led to a police investigation.

Sources: Dispatch

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