Kim Seon Ho “I’m sorry for causing concerns…I did my best for the role of Nobleman”

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who has proven his steady acting skills and star quality through the dramas “Start-Up” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, will make his screen debut with “The Childe”.

“The Childe” is an action noir film revolving around Marco (Kang Tae Joo), a boxer with a complicated past. He has been wandering around illegal arenas in the Philippines, where he resides with his sick mother. One day, however, Marco travels to Korea to find his estranged father, only to be relentlessly pursued by a dangerous group of people, including an unidentified man known as “Nobleman” (Kim Seon Ho).


We met Kim Seon Ho through the press conference. Below is the interview with Kim Seon Ho.

– It is your full-fledged comeback after the controversy over private life.

I’m sorry for causing concerns due to personal matters. I’m grateful for the many people who came to visit. This is the first event for ‘The Childe’, a film created after much effort by director Park Hoon Jung, the actors and the staff. They all put in a lot of effort, and I did my best during the filming. I ask for your support.”

– We wonder how you feel about debuting on the screen.


I’m both nervous and excited. Above all, I sincerely thank director Park Hoon Jung. I was happy and honored to be able to participate in ‘The Childe’.

– “Nobleman” is a villain in contrast to your kind image.

There’s excitement and anticipation to show a new side of myself. On the other hand, there’s also fear and concern. But I had a lot of fun while working on it. The joy of challenging a new field and accomplishing it was indescribable. I did my best for the role of Nobleman.”

Source: Daum

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