Chuu advised a rookie actress she accidentally met in Hongdae, “Be careful with contracts”

Chuu gave sincere advice to an aspiring actress she met in Hongdae.

On May 26th, the Youtube channel “Chuu Can Do It” uploaded a new video titled “Chuu ran for 6 hours at karaoke in Hongdae”.


While enjoying a pleasant time alone and filming mukbang in a famous karaoke room in Hongdae, Chuu invited two citizens who were watching her from the outside to join the filming. They sang together and showcased their talents.

In particular, the girl who sang with Chuu aroused keen attention. She was even more enthusiastic than Chuu when singing BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire”. 


After finishing an exciting performance, the two had a conversation.

The girl surprised Chuu when she confessed, “I’m an actress…”. In response, Chuu said, “Really? Somehow your features are so beautiful”.

Chuu then asked, “What company are you going?”. The girl replied, “I’m in a company but… well, I haven’t signed the contract yet.”

Hearing that, Chuu sincerely advised, “Be careful with contracts. Understand?”, adding “If you feel unsure, ask me”.


Watching the video, netizens commented, “Real advice from a very experienced person”, “A joke that only Chuu can make”, “If Chuu says it, then it’s real”, etc.

Meanwhile, Chuu delivered the news that she had signed an exclusive contract with the new company ATRP on the 10th of last month. ATRP is a new entertainment agency founded by CEO Kim Jin Mi.

Appearing on MBC’s “Radio Star” on the 17th, Chuu revealed her plans as a singer, saying “I’m preparing a solo album”.

Source: Insight

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