An old video shows how Park Seojun kept his distance from Seo Yeji

An old video of Seo Yeji and Park Seojun’s awkward relationship has caught people’s attention.

In 2017, Seo Yeji and Park Seojun worked together in KBS’s drama “Hwarang”. Seo Yeji played the role of a girl who had a one-sided crush on Park Seojun.

In a behind-the-scenes video of episode 18, when Park Seojun and Seo Yeji were filming a kiss scene, Go Ara, who was the main female character, showed her jealousy by saying “I’m watching you” half-jokingly. Park Seojun seemed to find it cute and gave her a smile. In the kiss scene Park Seojun pushed Seo Yeji away and showed off his acting on being clear with her.

Then Seo Yeji tripped while trying to follow Park Seojun. Seo Yeji then seemed to be embarrassed, holding Park Seojun’s waist while laughing. On the other hand, Park Seojun didn’t really react that much and moved on to the next scene. They were filled with awkwardness.

Seo Yeji herself also mentioned her awkward relationship with Park Seojun several times in interviews. She claimed that Park Seojun was playing a role that was supposed to be cold to her so she was trying to be cold to him as well and that was why they couldn’t be close.

Netizens then commented: “If Park Seojun, who is well known for his good manner towards actresses, gave Seo Yeji the cold shoulder, then I know what was going on.”, “Before his debut in the industry, Park Seojun did part time jobs and already served in the military so I guess he has an eye for people.” “Park Seojun’s amazing discernment” “He was smart not being close with her”, etc.

Source: Nate

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