Han So Hee and the hottest scenes in her breakout roles: From “The World of the Married” to “My Name”

Known as a bold actress who is willing to challenge and renew herself to suit different kinds of roles, Han So Hee has quickly risen to fame.


This article including contents that may disturb some readers.

With an impressive comeback in the action thriller “My Name” recently released on Netflix, Han So Hee is currently one of the most viral actresses. She constantly receives many praises from the viewers for her striking transformation and captivating appearance. Moreover, she is often appreciated for her dedication to the roles she portrays. She is not hesitant to act in steamy scenes to contribute to the success of each production. The following memorable scenes have also partly helped to boost her popularity.

The young mistress Yeo Da Kyung

Taking on the challenging role of the mistress Yeo Da Kyung in “The World Of The Married”, Han So Hee was noticed for her outstanding and attractive visuals. With her excellent performance in transforming into the character, Han So Hee has many times enraged the audiences because of Yeo Da Kyung’s evil actions and tricks to ruin the family of the wife character played by Kim Hee Ae, including the bedroom scenes with the cheating husband Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon).

Han So Hee
Han So Hee and her male co-star Lee Tae Oh in “The World Of The Married”
Han So Hee
Despite their 19-year age gap, the two actors delivered a convincing performance 

The muse – Yu Nabi

Nevertheless” is considered Han So Hee’s drama with the most steamy scenes. Acting alongside the handsome actor Song Kang, Han So Hee once again shows off sizzling chemistry with her male co-star, from the way they look at each other, the heart-fluttering gestures to the 19+ rated scenes that have the viewers blushing. 

Han So Hee
The top-notch visual combination of the duo Han So Hee and Song Kang

The feisty woman Yoon Ji Woo

2021 continues to be a successful year for Han So Hee as her newly released series “My Name” has gained much attention. Breaking away from the naive and soft image of her previous character, she transforms into a tough and vengeful character named Yoon Ji Woo with a complicated backstory. In “My Name”, the actress performs a lot of action-packed scenes. The actress and co-star Ahn Bo Hyun also filmed a steamy scene together, showing the two’s dedication to their roles.

Han So Hee
Han So Hee’s fierce look with a bob haircut in the new action series “My Name”


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